Flea and Tick Prevention

Guest writers- BeBe and Harley


Hello friends,

My name is BeBe and I am here with my daughter, Harley. We are Cairn Terriers (or terrors, as we’ve been called before). Together, we live with Lyn, one of the amazing Veterinary Technicians on staff at Crossroads. We love to go hiking with our mom, so we are here to tell you about flea and tick preventatives, especially this time of year (which can be worse than other times of the year). We know first hand about fleas and ticks so our mom makes sure we are always protected in order to enjoy our hikes!

Fun fact #1: flea and tick control is recommended year round by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Many people think that once the first frost hits, ticks disappear until spring. This is a myth. It only needs to be 29 degrees for the ticks to be out. Ticks find shelter under the fallen leaves during the fall. This is the time of year that ticks are looking for their “last meal” before hibernating for the winter. So, if our warm little bodies are walking through leaf piles (or you and your kids are jumping in piles of leaves), you better believe ticks are going to attach to us! And with the mild winter we had last winter, ticks were being found on pets even in February!

Walking during the summer

Fun Fact #2: flea eggs will hatch once you turn the heat on in your home because flea eggs can lay dormant in your carpets, rugs, and dog beds for about 6 months. And how many of you have turned the heat on in your home already? Once you turn the heat on and the eggs become warm and toasty, BAM! They hatch! Even in the winter months. So, this is another reason to continue flea and tick prevention year round. It’s one less thing you have to worry about!


Admiring the view

Fun Fact #3: protecting your pets is also helping to protect yourself. If your furry friends are protected, they will bring less of these critters into your home. Fleas and ticks not only carry diseases, but also diseases that can be contracted by people. Lyme disease is a big problem in our region, for both dogs and people, and is transmitted by deer ticks. There has also been an increase in Anaplasmosis in dogs, which is another tick-borne disease that can cause symptoms similar to Lyme disease. Joint pain, lethargy and inappetence can be seen with many tick-borne diseases. Although there is often treatment available, imagine how bad that can feel? So preventing these diseases in the first place is key. We all know fleas can cause severe itching and skin infections, but they also can cause cat-scratch fever, typhus and the plague in people. No one wants to deal with that. Boy, fleas and ticks are sure a nuisance! With the right protection, you can still have fun outside. We just want to jump in leaf piles and not have to worry about fleas and ticks. We’re fun loving girls!


Please feel free to call Crossroads with any questions or concerns. The fabulous client care representatives are happy to answer questions for you. They can tell you about guarantees that go along with the flea and tick preventatives and any special deals being offered. They can be reached at (603) 437-1010.

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your autumn!

With Love,

BeBe and Harley


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