Merry Christmas

Hello Friends,

I was curious to see what the humans at Crossroads Animal Hospital plan on getting their fur-babies for Christmas, so every time one of them came to give me love in the doctor’s office, I asked them.  And I thought I would share with our amazing clients in case they needed ideas for their furry friends! So here’s my list, and I’ll be checking it twice!

The Doctors:

Dr. & Mrs. Hertel- cat toys (plastic Easter eggs, actually) for their cat and a new floating dock for their turtle.

Dr. Grove- dental chews for her dog and special treats for her cat.

Dr. Kulhanek- a new dog bed for her office (she brings her dog to work every day, he’s my buddy).

Dr. Wyatt-4 new stuffed toys for her dog (she already found and destroyed one, though) and, for her cat, a new wand toy and cat nip toy (which he already found!). Dr. Wyatt says “Who knew it would be harder to hide pets gifts than the kids gifts?”

Dr. McCarthy- automatic feeder for her cats.

The technicians:

Santa Buddha


Emily- a sweater and shoes (to protect from the cold and salt) for her dog.


Laura- toy mice for her cats, they love to hit them around the house.

Melanie- Chewy’s (kong, rope toy) and stuffys (soft toys) for her papillon.

Sharra- Dremel for her dog’s toe nails (she actually likes to have this done!) and toys.

Eliza- tough toys for her 2 dogs (ropes and balls, something they can’t destroy) and a shedding rock for her snake.

Lisa- Dr. Pussums cat nip toys and Temptation treats for her kitty.

Ashlyn- New beds for her two dogs.

Bre- Hedgehog toy for her dog, and cat nip treats for her 3 cats.

Rachael- a new Tuffy toy for her dog.

Lyn- matching collars for her 2 dogs and a bracelet for herself to match the collars.

Kate- New dog beds for all 3 of her dogs but also an agility course for her dachshund.

Arielle- Tennis balls for one of her dogs, a new knee for the other dog (she recently had surgery), and a cardboard castle and cat nip for her 2 cats.

Hospital Manager, Animal Care Taker and Client Care Representatives:

Santa Oliver

Wendy-a visit with Dr. Posage (behaviorist) for her dog so he won’t be so stressed and jealous of everything (this will be a gift for the other dog and 2 cats in the house).

Tara- throw toy for her dog and treats for her cat.

Pam- special treats for her dog.

Kristen- New cat perch and bird seed for the outdoor feeders so her 3 cats can watch the birds from the new perch.

Traci- Cat nip toys and crinkly ball toys for her cat.

Renai- Special treats, new toys and new food bowls for her 3 cats.

Claire- Cat nip toys for her 5 cats. New winter coats, new toys and a bag of tennis balls for her 2 dogs.

Stephen doesn’t have any pets at home, so maybe he will consider spoiling me for Christmas!

I think with all these “special treats” some of the staff pets may end up on a diet after the holidays! So this list also covers New Years Resolutions! HAHA, I crack myself up!

Leave a comment if you’d like to share what you are getting your furry friends for the holidays. Do you put their gifts under the tree or in a stocking? Do you wrap their gifts? Do they unwrap them? Does someone help them unwrap them? Have you ever had a pet find their present early, even though you hid them? We’d love to hear your holiday stories, so please share!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on the weekend and we will be closed on Monday, December 26th so the staff can have an extra day to be with their families. New Years Eve and New Years Day are on the weekend, too, but we will be open on January 2nd. If I don’t write another blog before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Peace, Love and Paws,



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