Dental Health Month


Hi everyone! My name is Bella, I am a lab mix and I live with my best friend, Dr. Jennifer Wyatt. We’ve been together for almost 10 years now. I do take daily medication for a thyroid condition, but I am a happy, healthy girl! Back in November, Dr. Wyatt noticed that I had a broken tooth. Ouch! Next thing I know, I’m spending a day at Crossroads having my teeth cleaned. Here’s how it went:

I came in the week before and my technician friends drew some blood from my leg. It was checked to make sure my body was able to handle anesthesia. The results were normal and I was cleared for my dental cleaning. A week later, I knew something was going on when Dr. Wyatt forgot to feed me breakfast! I kept trying to remind her (couldn’t she see I was STARVING?!?!), but she just kept saying no. We went to Crossroads and then things got weird.


My technician friends took over and I felt a pinch on my bum (an injection of a sedative)! I wasn’t sure why they would do that to me, but I didn’t have much time to think about it because I became really sleepy. The next thing I knew, I was waking up, but all I could do was wag my tail. I felt very tired and couldn’t get up and my mouth felt strange! Dr. Wyatt was sitting next to me. When she got up to take a phone call, I tried to follow her but my legs weren’t cooperating. Luckily my technician friends were there to help me lay back down. I knew I was in good hands with them, so I relaxed. After what felt like forever (only an hour or two, actually) I was able to get up and go back to Dr. Wyatt’s office and lay on a bed under her desk. When I got home, strange things happened. Dr. Wyatt put warm chicken broth on my food (she never does that) which was so delicious, but I was pretty unsteady all night. She helped me walk upstairs and kept me close to her all night (actually, I followed her around and stuck to her like glue. She is my favorite person, after all). When I woke up the next morning, I felt more like myself but my mouth was a little sore.

For the next week, Dr. Wyatt added warm water to soften my kibble. She also gave me some liquid stuff (pain medication) which made my mouth feel better. As it turns out, she had extracted my two biggest teeth!!! And do you know what? I feel SO much better without them! Who needs bad teeth anyway? They just hurt and make it hard to eat. They had actually been bothering me more than anyone knew. The broken one was an obvious problem, but what no one knew was that the other one had a little pocket of infection on the inside. She couldn’t even see it until I was under anesthesia. It had been bothering me for a while but it’s hard for me to tell anyone. Now that those teeth are gone, I feel amazing! I have more energy and I’m playing with toys more than I have in years. Even the kids noticed how perky I am!

What I’m trying to tell you is dental care is very important! Routine dental cleanings can help prevent gum disease, gingivitis, tartar build-up, and halitosis (bad breath). Not only can animals lose teeth and possibly suffer from bone damage/loss in the mouth, but studies have shown that these issues can cause problems in the heart, liver and kidneys because bacteria is flowing in the blood stream. Cleaning your pets teeth at home is also very important. Crossroads has a variety of products to help you do that. From brushing (DO NOT use human toothpaste, use special animal toothpaste), to chews (Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews are amazing!) to a specific diet that helps scrape tartar off of teeth (Hills Prescription Diet t/d), Crossroads has what you need!

February is Pet Dental Month! Call Crossroads at (603) 437-1010 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have your pets mouth evaluated.

Cheers to Dental Month!


See my pretty smile!

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