Hello, I am Oliver. I am a fluffy little Pomeranian and I live with Wendy, the hospital manager. I’m 13 years old and I receive acupuncture treatments from Dr. Grove. She helps keep my arthritis under control. Did you know acupuncture can help many other issues? Follow me on an acupuncture explanation.

Oliver getting acupuncture

Have you seen our business card and wondered what the letters CVMA stood for after Dr. Grove’s name: Dr. Marissa Grove, DVM, CVMA? CVMA stands for Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist and she is our resident acupuncture doctor! Now, are you wondering how acupuncture may be benefit to your pet? I can tell you how it helps my arthritis, but I went straight to the source for an explanation.

You may think of acupuncture as hooey, and that’s okay, you’re still reading :). There’s more than one way to look at acupuncture. I was trained in a scientific manner, in 2006, at Colorado State University. I think of nerve pathways, concentrations of blood vessels and other anatomic landmarks when I consider acupuncture points. These points are used to treat various disease processes, from arthritis to kidney disease, neuropathy (nerve pain) and paralysis, to palliative (pain relief) care of cancer. It’s not just for the “old” either! Young dogs and cats can benefit as well. Acupuncture has been extensively studied over the years. Needling releases local anti-inflammatories, increases nerve firing, causes serotonin to release from the brain, breaks down trigger points in the musculature, among other things.

Acupuncture can be used with or without other medications and a plan should be formulated considering all aspects of your pet’s life. Patients usually need to come in weekly at first, but we can often decrease the frequency depending on what we are treating and their response.”

Canine and feline Acupressue points

Dr. Grove has treated many different pets for many different issues or ailments. All of them come back routinely and the clients cannot get over how much it helps. For certain patients, it’s quite obvious when they skip an appointment or go too long between treatments. The setting in the exam room is very calm and soothing, with comfortable mats on the floor wrapped in a blanket, soft music playing, and, when possible, soft lighting (I prefer to sit on her lap during my treatment). Even the most rambunctious dogs and cats will settle down and remain calm throughout the procedure. It’s quite amazing to witness!

Oliver getting acupuncture2
So relaxing!

If you have any questions or want to know if it’s right for your pet, please call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Grove at (603) 437-1010.

XOXO, Oliver


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