Jayda’s Knee Surgery Adventure

Hi friends,

It’s me, Jayda, again! I love writing blogs because I have lots to share. For this one, I wanted to bring you on a little adventure with me. I recently underwent knee surgery for TPLO, or tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO is so much easier to say!), which is a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the stifle joint after ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament. It was performed right at Crossroads by Board Certified Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Geoff Clark. He’s a traveling surgeon and comes to Crossroads when we need an orthopedic consult or surgery.

So, let’s begin our adventure. It started when my mom noticed I was limping a little. She was concerned so she had Dr. Kulhanek take a look. Sure enough, torn cruciate ligament=TPLO surgery! I had x-rays done so Dr. Kulhanek could get a good look and diagnose the cruciate injury. I was put under sedation so they could get good pictures of my knee. I look a little dopey in the picture, but it’s funny so I had to share! I also had some blood drawn the same day to make sure I am healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and surgery. That all came back just fine!

Sedated for my x-rays


Next step, surgery! On Thursday, August 24, 2017 Dr. Clark arrived to fix my knee. I was a little nervous because my mom works the late shift on Thursday, so she dropped me off and then went home!!! I was thinking, “But moooooommmmmmm! How can you leave me here? Oh wait, all of my other friends are here, I’ll be okay!” Haha, I can be so dramatic sometimes.

My friend Bre got me prepped for Dr. Clark’s arrival. She took me out of my kennel and was loving on me while Lisa gave me a little injection. Soon I started to feel really sleepy and….. (insert snoring here!)

Dr. Clark getting ready for surgery

Hi, Bre here…I am going to tell you what happened while Jayda was alseep. Dr. Clark and his technician Lacey arrived while we were getting her ready for surgery. We shaved her leg and cleaned it all up to make it as sterile as possible for surgery. Dr. Clark went into surgery, performed the procedure (you don’t want the surgical details) which took about 45 minutes and then we were able to allow Jayda to wake up! I’ll let her continue from here.”

Jayda's knee post-surgery.
The plate and screws used to fix Jayda’s knee

I opened my eyes but I was all woozy and couldn’t get up. All I wanted was to snuggle my mom (who was at work now), but my leg felt funny! It was all bandaged and prevented me from getting up. So I just relaxed because I felt safe with all of my Crossroads friends surrounding me. All of the technicians are wonderful and made sure I was okay!

It is now 12 weeks later and I am doing really well. I feel great!!! Mom had a hard time keeping me quiet! I just wanted to play all day. I especially missed playing with my BFF Chowder, but she had some eye surgery around the same time as my knee surgery so she had to keep calm as well. But we are back to having some supervised play time, and we’re both so happy about that!

I was nervous to have this procedure done, so was my mom. But now that it’s all over and I am doing really well, we are both happy that it was done.

Thanks for reading!

Love always, Jayda

Here are some more pictures I wanted to share!

Sedated x-raysJayda's knee comparisonConsulting on Jayda's kneeBlood draw for pre-surgery testingPost-op laser treatment


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