Giving Pets as Christmas Gifts


We are Charlotte and Mya, we belong to Dr. Grove and Emily and we are the newest additions to the Crossroads family. We were both adopted by our families and we were lucky enough to land in homes where we are loved and cared for constantly. Plus, we get to go to work with our moms and play together. I (Charlotte) was adopted into a family with 2 little kids and I love playing with them as much as possible! I (Mya) was adopted by Emily and her boyfriend and I am the only dog in the house so I get all the love and play time I want from them.

We were just wondering, are you planning on giving a loved one a puppy or a kitten (or any pet) as a gift this holiday season? While it seems like the perfect time to give them what they have been asking for, it’s also a good idea to make sure they know what to expect.

Charlotte with Santa

There are so many instances when pets given as gifts end up in a shelter a few months later because the new owner had no idea of all of the time and effort that goes into being a pet owner. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Having a puppy or a kitten is like having a newborn baby. We require multiple meals a day, lots of time to play, training, love and attention! It’s important to make sure the recipient of such a little bundle of joy has the time to devote to their new addition.
  • We require multiple trips to the vet in our first few months. This is to ensure that we are growing at a healthy rate, there aren’t any heart murmurs, and we receive all of the necessary vaccines and preventatives to keep us healthy. We will also need to be spayed or neutered (if you adopt from a shelter, though, puppies and kittens are usually already spayed or neutered and have some vaccines).
  • Make sure this is what the recipient really wants. We have feelings, too, and it would be really hard to think we have found our forever homes and fall in love with our new family only to end up in a shelter a couple of months later.
  • We are an investment! While we don’t know exactly how much it costs to own us, we know that we require food, toys, vet visits, maybe some training sessions, leashes, collars, designer clothes (haha), maybe some doggie day care, spa days/grooming, and something called insurance (we’re not sure what that means, but we know our moms signed up for it, so we assume it costs money).
Mya in her sweater
Mya in her sweater

Obviously, if the person you are getting a pet for lives with you (and you will be helping to care for him or her) or has had pets in the past or has already done their research, then you will probably be their most favorite person in the whole world! Having a little furry companion can be very rewarding and also so much fun! We love our families for our whole life, so we hope for the same in return.

We know some of you may celebrate a holiday other than Christmas, so we want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Lots of kisses,

Charlotte and Mya


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