Our Covid-19 Procedures

It has been about two months (give or take) since our world changed; about two months since schools and businesses closed; two months of quarantine. The way we run things here at Crossroads Animal Hospital has drastically changed,too, but the main thing to remember is that we are still here for your pets!!! Over the last two months, we have had to adopt a new way of doing things. We have gotten into a good groove and things, for the most part, are running smoothly now. We have written this to explain how we are operating on a daily basis.

Call us if you need to make an appointment for your pet. We are scheduling appointments for everything except technician appointments for nail trims. The scheduling changes we have had to make no longer enable us to allot time for nail trims. For tips on how to trim your pet’s nails at home, please check out the videos on our website (https://www.crossroadsanimal-hospital.com/videos.pml ).

What changes have been made at Crossroads?

~ We are doing curbside service for all appointments and for food and medication pick up. More about that coming up!

~ Our regular appointment times have been extended. This allows extra time for phone conversations and also the technicians going outside to get pets and bring them back to you at the end of the appointment.

~We are all wearing face masks all day. When the technicians come out to the sidewalk to retrieve your pet and to give your pet back, they are wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)- masks, gowns and, in some cases, gloves. Gloves aren’t worn when retrieving dogs because gloves can cause leashes to be slippery and we do not want your dog to get loose.

~Every pen and clipboard touched by anyone gets disinfected after use.

~We’ve always been big hand washers, for obvious reasons! But we are washing more now and we also have hand sanitizer everywhere.

~Our doors are locked. We are not allowing anyone into the building. We are doing everything by phone.**EXCEPTION- We will allow one HEALTHY person into the building in the event of an emergency or euthanasia. You will need to wear a mask when coming in and we will ask you to stay in the exam room for the entire appointment. This is to minimize the number of staff members you come in contact with. Exam rooms are disinfected after you leave.

~ Payments are taken over the phone, credit card/debit card payments where the number can be read to us over the phone. We do not write card numbers down for security purposes. When you read your card number, it is directly entered into the credit card terminal.

What is curbside service?

steps for your appt (5)steps for your appt (3)

IMPORTANT: Curbside service does not mean “drop off.” If you are here for an appointment, it is very important that you wait in your car/in the parking lot while your pet is in the building with us. Here are a few reasons why:

1. If your pet becomes uncooperative, we may ask you to come inside.
2. If an emergency arises, we may ask you to come inside.
3. If we need to call you for any reason, we want to be sure you are able to answer your phone and that you’re not driving while answering your phone.
4. Lastly, to avoid a kenneling fee and to help us keep our schedule on time, you need to be in the parking lot to check out and to retrieve your pet from the technician.

If your doctor decides to admit your pet for diagnostics, then you will need to sign an Authorization and Consent Form. ONLY then will you be able to leave.

If you are picking up food and/or medications, please do not park in front of the door. While it’s not marked as a fire lane, we still need to keep it clear as if it were marked. Please park in the parking lot on the hill and walk down to retrieve your item(s) from the table. Just be aware of others that are also picking up items and maintain social distancing. We attach an invoice to everything so be sure to check and make sure it’s your name. And, we usually wait to make sure you have taken it, so look inside and give us a little wave! 🙂

We do not know when we will be able to return to business as usual due to the fact that we cannot maintain 6 foot social distancing in our exam rooms. Your understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated! We are so happy that we still get to see your pets and help take care of them. We miss you, our clients, and face to face interactions with you. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy.


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